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Wedding of Princess Margrethe of Denmark and Henri de Laborde de Monpezat
Parents King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid of Denmark
André and Renée Yvonne de Laborde de Monpezat
Bridesmaids Kristin Dahl
Countess Desiree of Rosenborg
Anne Oxholm Tillisch
Carina Oxholm Tillisch
Location Holmens Kirke, Copenhagen
Date Saturday, 10 June 1967

The wedding of Princess Margrethe of Denmark and Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat took place on June 10, 1967, at Holmens Kirke in Copenhagen, Denmark. The couple had met in 1965 and they were so private that upon the news that an engagement announcement was imminent, most Danes had no idea their princess had been exclusively dating anyone.[1]


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On 4 October 1966, the Danish Royal Court announced that Princess Margrethe was to marry Henri de Laborde de Montpezat. Henri was a French diplomat in London, and he and Margrethe met during an official dinner at the French Embassy and then again at a wedding, starting a relationship soon afterwards.[2]

Margrethe received from Henri a Van Cleef and Arpels engagement ring featuring two large square cut diamonds set at a diagonal. Set on a yellow gold band, the diamonds were said to be six karats each.[1] When the engagement was announced, Henri was not yet living in Denmark, and he did not move entirely to Copenhagen until the end of May 1967, shortly before the wedding.[2]

The ceremony[]

Princess Margrethe and Henri de Laborde de Montpezat married on 10 June 1967 in the Holmen Church in Copenhagen. The wedding was held in the late afternoon of June 10, 1967, with the majority of wedding guests leaving Amalienborg between 3:30 and 4:30. The wedding procession started at Amalienborg Palace and stretched all the way to Holmens Kirke. Upon arrival at Holmens Kirke, Margrethe was helped out and her train and veil straightened by her bridesmaids. Margrethe and her father entered to the song “Sicut Cervus,” a sixteenth-century hymn of Psalm 42.[1]

The wedding ceremony lasted 20 minutes, which was brief for a royal wedding but typical for such services in the Danish Lutheran Evangelical Church,[1] as Margrethe wished her wedding to be no different than any other Danish marriage. To fulfil this wish, Henri also said his vows in Danish.[2]

The couple appeared on a balcony at Amalienborg Palace along with their parents to wave to the crowd of 25,000 below. Frederik thanked the spectators for their enthusiasm and gave his congratulations to the new couple. As Margrethe began to address the spectators, she was overcome with emotion and left the balcony in tears.[1]

A garden reception was held for 400 guests in a pavilion in the courtyard of nearby Fredensborg Palace. The candlelight reception featured a five-course dinner – including the Bornholm venison – catered by the Kesby family of the Richmond Hotel. The bride and groom began the wedding ball by performing their first dance as a married couple, a waltz.[1]

Wedding Attire[]


Margrethe’s dress was designed by Danish dressmaker Jørgen Bender, who was well-known in the Danish royal court. The close-fitting, long-sleeved white silk gown featured a square neckline and deep pleats at the hips, which created a flared skirt. On the front of the dress was a piece of heirloom lace that had originally belonged to her grandmother, Crown Princess Margaret of Sweden. The 20-foot silk train of the dress fell from Margrethe’s shoulders and featured squared corners similar to the collar.[1]

On the bodice of her dress, Margrethe also wore the diamond daisy brooch. This brooch had also been worn by Queen Ingrid on her own wedding day in 1935, which was a wedding gift from her father. For her tiara, Margrethe chose the tiara worn by her mother on her wedding day, the Khedive of Egypt Tiara. Attached to the tiara was the veil of point de Venise lace that had also been handed down from Margaret to Ingrid to Margrethe.[1]


Henri wore a classic bridegroom’s attire featuring a black morning coat with cutaways, matching trousers, and a white straight-end bowtie. He also wore the light blue sash and star of the Order of the Elephant, the highest order in Denmark. Henri received the order on the day of the wedding.[1]

Bridal attendants[]

The couple had four young teenage girls serve as bridesmaids. The bridesmaids were Kristin Dahl, Countess Desiree of Rosenborg (daughter of Count Flemming), Anne Oxholm Tillisch and Carina Oxholm Tillisch. The bridesmaids wore circlets of daisies in their hair, and daisies were the prominent flowers in Margrethe’s bouquet, along with stephanotis.[1]


The couple honeymooned on the Mexican island of Cozumel, spending part of their time in a villa owned by former Mexican president Adolfo Lopez Mateos. Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus of the Netherlands had stayed at the villa during their honeymoon the previous year.[1]



10. juni 1967 - Kongeligt bryllyp i København - Prinsesse Margrethe & Prins Henriks bryllup