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This section deals with reports of vandalism. Requests for the use of Rollback tools may also be placed if it is the simplest method of revision. This section deals with disputes between users, or users who violate certain conditions or rules of Royalty Wiki and Wikia. This section deals with requests for pages that may benefit from protection by an administrator. You may also request a page to be unlocked if you wish. This section deals with requests for blocks or chat bans to be lifted if the user feels the block was dealt unfairly.
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Welcome to the Reporting Center

If you ever need some administrative help, it is easiest to request it in the above sections. Remember to read the instructions listed below if you are a new member.


  • Members should only file true reports. Any reports found to be false will be taken action against.
  • Members should not remove any information reported.
  • Members should try to refrain from filing duplicate reports
  • Reports that concern the chatroom should be accompanied by a screenshot/and or a statement from a Chat Moderator.
  • Reports should be filed in the section which they best fit.
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